Can I return to work after claiming an accident injury against my employer?

Most businesses put measures to reduce accident at work claims, but they cannot be wholly prevented. Accidents that can lead to an employee claiming compensation are such accidents while operating machinery, exposure to toxic substances at work, falling objects among others. Employees have to know the right procedure to follow for them to be compensated. For instance, there is a time limit of three years to report accidents at work.

Immediately an accident has occurred record the accident first. Most firms have first aid providers, and they will attend to you quickly. The first aid is required to write a report which can be presented to the company. The report can be used as evidence if need be. Once a doctor examines you, the medical results can also be produced as evidence.

If you feel that your accident at work claims are genuine and you can prove it you consult a solicitor. Ensure the firm you choose has a good reputation. You should also have the necessary details at your fingertips such as the date the accident occurred or any of your colleagues who could come forward as witnesses. Once you raise the issue with the concerned party, they will provide you with response time to investigate the claim. Response time may vary depending on the claim.

A medical expert will contact you to carry out examinations to assess whether your accident at work claims are valid. Your solicitor will be provided with the evaluation of your injuries by the medical expert. The review of your medical reports will enable your solicitor to make a valuation depending on the injuries extent as recommended by the medical expert. Once you allow your solicitor to proceed, he/she will avail details of the potential settlement to the defendant’s insurer. The insurer may accept or refuse liability. If liability is accepted, then a lawyer will negotiate your, and you can be compensated.

If the insurer denies the accident at work claims, then you may be forced to move to court. The insurer however to give a good reason for denying responsibility. You entirely decide whether to go to court or not. Your solicitor will confirm whether you have enough evidence to build a strong case. Once the claim goes to court, then it entirely becomes the judge’s decision on whether the case will be successful or not.

If the case is not unsuccessful, no one will charge you for bringing a claim forward. However, if the case is successful, then the defendant will have to compensate you. Accident at work claims is simple especially with the assistance of a solicitor. All you require is prove that another party’s negligence is responsible for your injury.

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