How To Clean Your Shower Screen Properly

Shower Screen

People value their bathrooms a lot. Maybe the reason why this is so is because bathrooms are spaces one can relax in while having a bath. Bathrooms form the perfect places for one to enjoy a good bath after a long day. They also are spaces one gets ready for work.

With that being said, you can see how valuable bathrooms are. This being the case it is very important that the bathroom remains clean and favourable always. You wouldn’t want to bathe or relax in a dirty room. As you clean, you come across shower screens that prevent the water from the shower or bathtub from leaking into the other space of the bathroom. These come in many designs and types. There are common and bespoke shower screens. Mostly shower screens are made of clear, plexiglass or tempered glass or aluminium. Regardless of the material used to make the shower screens, they all need cleaning.

The tips below show how to clean your shower screen properly. 

Attacking the limescale:
Continual use of a shower leads to the collection of limescale on metallic shower screens. The limescale is the hard white substance that is deposited by water on metallic surfaces over a period of time. In most cases, limescale is deposited by hot water and their hot water in showers almost all the time no doubt.

The usual ways of cleaning cannot remove limescale. So scrubbing with a hard brush might not work. You will still be left with an unclean shower screen. To properly clean limescale off a shower screen, you can use water and white vinegar. Mix equal parts of water and the vinegar, fill the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the surface with limescale. Should it be extremely dirty, you can scrub with the rough side of a non-scratch scouring pad, remember a non-scratch pad to avoid damaging the screen. Wipe off the screen, then buff with a dry cloth. If done correctly the results will be impressive.

Use Bicarbonate:
Having a natural abrasive such as bicarb is helpful. Dampen a piece of cloth, rub a small amount of the bicarb powder on to the screen and wipe with the moist cloth. Finish up by buffing with a dry cloth for excellent results.

Using other chemicals:
You might want to keep your bespoke shower screens very clean. The above chemicals may not work or may not be suitable for some shower screens. There are strong chemicals that can produce better results when used on certain surfaces of the shower screens. Cif Power & Shine bathroom spray is one example. Get your rubber gloves, open the windows spray the chemical on the screen and wipe it within seconds. One limescale remover spray that is recommended as the best is Viakal. You might need to rub hard though for great results.



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