How Delivery Drivers Can Transport Perishable Goods

Most drivers do not usually deal with perishable products such as fresh products and frozen products. But being able to handle these types of deliveries can give you a great advantage over other emails. You can even transfer high-value items such as laboratory specimens or medical supplies that should be kept at an appropriate temperature. The best part is that you can charge a bit more for these services. here’s a basic list of what you can do to better manage the delivery of perishable products.

Perishable Goods

Get basic supplies

The new drivers who want to transport perishable goods will need insulated containers of different sizes, old newspapers, plastic rolls and dry ice supplies. Containers can be simple boxes of polystyrene foam, but the important thing here is that you have enough containers to handle packages of different sizes. It would be more logistically wasteful to use large containers for a bunch of small packages at one time.

Pack the perishable goods

Delivery drivers can start by wrapping perishable elements in overlapping layers of plastic sheeting to seal and protect. Now select a piece of dry ice to fit the bottom of the package. Do not touch the dry ice directly. When the snow is in place, cover it with two or three layers of old newspapers. Place the item on top and use more old newspapers to ensure that it is seated. For this reason, you should choose a container that fits the size of the item or items to be delivered. Close the container, place a sticker that indicates it has dry ice, and it will be good for delivery.

Discharge of perishable products

As drivers for delivery, you have two options here: Leave the whole package, including the Styrofoam container, or take the package from the container and give it to the receiver. Let your customers decide which one they prefer. They will have to pay a little more for the food courier but would be an ideal option if no one is immediately available to pick up the package or if there is no food courier nearby.

Advertise your new abilities

Once you are ready and ready to offer perishable products, you must inform your customers that you are accepting perishable products. Simply updating your website or placing a small mark in your store will alert people to your new service, so do not be shy and start spreading the word.

Upgrade to refrigerated vehicles

If you see an increase in demand for cooling services from customers, you may want to consider investing in cars that have built-in medical courier features. This significantly reduces long-term expenditures for the delivery of perishable goods and will be eligible for handling shipments.

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