How would you design a neighbourhood park?

There are various different types of playgrounds available and every type requires different equipment manufactured from different materials because of the frequency of use although there is nothing preventing commercial playground equipment to be installed at any residential playground.

Playgrounds for commercial use, are typically designed to cater for a specific age group because this enables playground equipment to be installed that will be used adhering to safety requirements. The purpose is to enable children to have fun while their parents are busy elsewhere, that is why they can be found at locations like shopping malls, restaurants, churches, dedicated indoor areas. Schools and parks also make use of commercial playground equipment because of the number of children that play on the equipment.

Gone are the olden days that playground equipment only consisted of a number of basic equipment like a couple of swings, slides and a see-saw although this traditional equipment will always be a part of the scene there is a vast variety on the market today. Given the development of new materials with increased strength and durability the market expanded and is a very large industry today worth millions of pounds.

The versatility and ease with which the available materials can be moulded, shaped, smoothed, coloured and finished have paved the way for a wide variety of playground equipment. The main purpose of a playground will always be to provide fun and this is still valid but with a difference. With the modern design, you can have more fun and while riding, swinging, sliding, climbing in a playground that is built, to resemble the latest movie set.

The playground equipment still provides the same benefits of muscle development, coordination and various other developmental benefits to the young child. The equipment can be utilized in a certain sequence to enhance certain developmental skills. The greatest thrill for the child using it is the sense of adventure associated with it. Playground equipment is designed today by various experts in different fields to ensure quality, safety and adherence to safety regulations and get tested thoroughly before it goes on the market. No owner of a commercial playground wants any tragedy to happen at their playground. It is also designed with the ultimate end user in mind, the child.

The design must be able to capture the child’s imagination and sense of adventure, the best test for any manufacturer of commercial playground equipment is still to go and visit a playground while children are playing. There you will find children queuing at certain playground equipment while others have nobody using them. This industry is not a backyard operation but one that must be at the forefront of technology to maintain the interest of their ultimate client, the child who will determine the success of the commercial playground operator.

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