The Importance of Maintaining Trees on Your Property

A tree consultant or an arboriculture consultant is trained and skilled in the management of trees. A tree consultant is different to a tree surgeon since a surgeon provides specialist tree planting and a hands-on approach to taking care of trees. A tree consultant however differs in that, they provide specialist opinion.

Tree consultants in the profession often gain recognised qualifications and expertise in both care and the management of trees and may be responsible for the care of even the most complex or demanding cases. Becoming an accredited tree consultant would require one to become accredited through The Arboricultural Association which allows a tree consultant to be accredited through the Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant scheme, also known as the AARC scheme.

The association has been around for many decades and since the 1970’s, many tree consultants have become recognised for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Being a part of AARC is a sign of professionalism as well as reputation for many tree consultants as they strive to encourage excellent standards in the management and care of trees.

The AARC scheme also encourages continued development and allows for business opportunities as their online directory has over 1,500 words a month. Tree consultants normally assess the condition and safety of trees. They also consider any efforts that can be taken to repair the damage as well as give advice when and where a tree might be involved in the structural damage to buildings. Tree consultants can be called upon in legally assisting the justice system for tribunals or court when concerned with tree related matters.

They can also be involved in the investigation of any accidents that take place involving tree failure. Whilst they may not directly undertake any work to the trees, the tree consultant will only specify the work and provide the information of what needs to be done, after which, this can then be contracted to another contractor. Architects also often resort to using the tree consultant’s aid with new developments to ensure that the green infrastructure is not ruined.

Tree consultants understand tree pests and can identify disease outbreaks in trees, for this reason, they can also aid in the management of these difficult situations. They have a vital role in ensuring that any issues tree-related are dealt with and managed the right way. For this reason, hiring tree consultants when and as required is the right way to go when dealing with complex or minor tree related issues as their knowledge is valuable.

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