Pensioners and free boiler grants

Are you on pension benefits and want to go for a free boiler grant in the UK? As a pensioner, you may be eligible for this scheme in terms of Government’s Energy Company Obligation initiative. It is a fact that when you buy a new energy-efficient gas boiler, it may cost you almost £2,300. It may not be an easy task for a pensioner and low-income consumer. But with UK government boiler scheme you may get a free boiler if your existing boiler is not energy efficient or broken. If you meet the specific qualifying criteria, you may get the boiler by replacing the old boiler.

The pensioner, who own their home and receive pension guaranty credit or other benefits, may apply for a free boiler grant and install the new one. There are some cases when you get a new boiler installed completely free of any costs. Otherwise, there may be some contribution involved, but the new boiler will still be at subsidized plans and pricing. The grant is generally free. You need not pay it back in future.


According to this scheme, the big six the UK energy provider companies need to help the general public in improving energy efficiency. The new boiler reduces heating costs and carbon emissions. These companies fund the installation of new boilers in low-income households and areas. In this way, you get new boilers and cause reduced waste of heat from your home with significantly lesser heating bills. In the current scenario, the scheme offers grants for replacement of gas boilers. The funding is now limited in this scheme. There have been considerable changes in the project since 2013.

How do pensioners qualify for a grant?

As pensions, you are admittedly struggling for meeting the terms of increased energy bills, and evidently, pensioners find it hard to buy a new boiler in their limited resources. If you are pensioner receiving of Pension Guarantee Credit and those who receive Working Tax Credit may apply for free boiler grants. If your boiler is outdated or broken and you fulfil the following criteria, you may get a free boiler. Here are the terms.

  • You own a home
  • You are receiving pension benefits.
  • Your age is 60 years or more.
  • You receive the working tax credit.
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