Pizza: How Was it Invented?

Your senses are tingling, the aroma of melted cheese and juicy tomato echo around the room. Are you ready to dig into that favourite of all foods? What are we talking about? Pizza, of course!

So, let’s get straight into it…. When you think pizza, you associate it with Italy, right? Or was pizza created elsewhere first? Historians have pondered this question for hundreds of years.

If we break down the components of pizza, pizza is essentially a flat bread with tomato puree, cheese and seasoning on top. But where was flatbread created? Flatbread was originated in the Middle East. It is claimed the ancient Babylonians, Israelites and Egyptians all ate and baked flat bread in clay ovens.

A good pizza, has good toppings, with the most notable being olives, tomatoes, spices, salami and peperoni, all of which are Mediterranean.

In recent history Naples has been the pizza with the original pizza being claimed to be created in nearby Lazio, numerous food historians have claimed. Earliest claims according to Italian food historian Giuseppe Nocca declares references to Pizza in this region of Italy back to AD997, making pizzas over 1,000 years old – yikes!

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