What is car remapping?

Do you know the engine remapping procedure? There are different remapping Liverpool services that offer complete car remapping. The practice of remapping the car engine is becoming more and more popular. The car drivers are becoming more and more little black boxes vital for car control and its crucial functions. They are becoming more anxious about opportunities to tweak the original setup of their cars.

The process of car remapping is also termed as chipping. Literally, you swap the microchip that is in your car engine control unit. You install a chip with modified versions and functionality. These days this black art has soared to extreme levels. Now we have home-brewed car remapping software that you may download from websites. But it is not recommended because you may fell in expensive engine damage if the remapping is not done correctly.

For most of the people, the engine remapping is done by a local professional who modifies the engine setup via a computer or through a handheld device. You may change the factory setting or revert to the original settings of your car.

There are different car remapping systems, and your local car remapping service may choose the best for you. Some tools are there that add a small extra ECU to the wiring loom, and it offers a remote control to different engine map settings. There are hard-wired rotator controllers or wireless Smartphone apps for this purpose. These days there are essential tools that come with different concepts to be drive mode settings that the carmakers provide these days.

Reasons for car remapping

In most cases, car remapping is done for two reasons. These reasons are power and torque. When the car is finished, some performance-related things are muted deliberately. It is done to meet the product planning objectives or economy and efficiency targets. The power and functionality of cars are limited. There is n mechanical factor involved for this purpose. It is done by software that is termed as an engine control unit. There are computer algorithms that run behind when you are driving your car. These algorithms affect all types of parameters, such as timing, fuel, and pressure. The car remapping process increases the efficiency of your vehicle by 10 percent. It means the burden on the engine lessens to some extent.

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